• Paul Rose

    Paul Rose

    Supports the Wreck to Reef Project

An artificial reef for Weymouth and Portland and a possible blue print for the whole of the UK.

Through the three year process of obtaining permissions to sink two destroyers and create artificial reefs, Weymouth and Portland Wreck to Reef have by coincidence created a new way to manage an area of sea-bed by the people for the people.

It has been suggested that Weymouth and Portland Wreck to Reef now has a blue print that should be adopted across the whole of the United Kingdom.

The jewel in the crown of these reef sanctuaries, is of course the once jewels of our naval history, our warships.

Our ex naval ships could be cleaned and made ready responsibly here in the UK and would help  create much needed habitat for our ailing marine environments and bring decades of revenue to our coastal communities.

The UK is sadly out of step with the rest of the world with regards to giving ships as ‘deeds of gifts‘ to any organisation.  Portugal and Thailand sunk four ships in 2012, with Portugal planning to sink another two warships this year.

It is hoped by signing this petition you will help Wreck to Reef change the British Governments view and, by deed of gift, give us at least one vessel.

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