Portland Coastguard Update…

Coastguard-helicopter-106-on-exercise-with-RNLI-off-DorsetWe have just had this notification from Cindy Rodaway at The Maritime and Coastguard Agency:

As you are aware that MRCC Portland will cease communications during the week 15th – 18th September and will be transferred to the New National Maritime Operations Centre at Fareham.

All the Aerials that are currently being used by MRCC Portland will not change they will just be linked with the NMOC rather than MRCC Portland. The only difference will be the call sign; it will no longer be Portland Coastguard. The area currently covered by Portland & Solent Coastguard will be covered by one call sign of “Solent Coastguard”.

I believe for the time being that the telephone number will stay the same and be connected to the NMOC but this is scheduled to be changed but I am unsure of the timings on this.

As the Portland District Dive Liaison Officer for the last 6 years, it has been a pleasure to have had a good working relationship with yourself and other’s linked with diving in the district.

I have been successful in securing a position at the NMOC as a Maritime Operations Specialist, unfortunately I am unsure whether the Dive Liaison role will be continued so for the time being I am going to carry on as usual until it is confirmed and I am happy for you to contact me via email if you require info/advice on anything dive related.

One important detail is the switch in call sign.

Very sad as there has been a lot of history behind the “Portland Coastguard” call sign, and indeed the whole operation 

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