July Update – Fantastic News

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At the end of June the Dorset County Council democratically voted to take a lease from Crown Estate for the W2R Project and to then sub-lease to W2R. This has been the biggest hurdle that we are likely to encounter and it is a huge relief that it is now behind us.For their part, the County Council Officers have given us a fair hearing and they have also worked diligently with us to ensure that all available information was taken into consideration. Bearing in mind that the County Council are not experienced in all things marine, they have been receptive to help and advice from our maritime law expert, Academic lawyer, Tom Appleby and this professional relationship will now stand us in good stead in our continuing relationship with the County Council.Letters of support were received from the Environment Agency, UK Trade and Investment and Richard Drax MP who said he thought “there is room out at sea to meet everyone’s needs” and he quoted Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport who had recently made a speech in Portland concerning the importance of coastal tourism. Richard said it is vital that we re-invigorate the sport of diving which is good for the region.There were letters of concern from the sailing fraternity; Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, Royal Dorset Yacht Club and the Commodore of Weymouth Sailing Club. Over the past 12 months we have made several requests to meet with the Yacht Clubs of Weymouth in order to discuss their concerns but to date, we have been unsuccessful. We will continue to press for meetings so that we can understand their concerns more fully in order to find practical solutions that will be acceptable to all.

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