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ITV News coverage..

Here is a list of the video footage ITV in the UK has kindly taken:

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Lobster Release Day

6am: Collection of berried lobsters. These adult female berried lobsters had been caught earlier in the week (outside of the six mile zone) and were being stored and looked after by our local Fish Whole Seller, S and W Ltd.  A big thank you to Richard Long for organising this. These heavily pregnant ladies were well […]

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Wreck to Reef features of Radio Voice of Russia…

Sean Webb spoke with Tim Ecott from Radio Voice of Russia about the Wreck to Reef Project. You can listen to the interview by clicking this button  

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The first 1,000 of 4,000 baby lobsters released.

When:  6th November 2013. (Weather Permitting) Where:  Weymouth Bay, Dorset. Why:  Lobster restocking is practical conservation; it redresses the balance. More details below.  In a ground breaking initiative to halt the decline in our seas, ordinary people have taken things into their own hands in order to do something about it! A community group on […]

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PADI commits support…

Good news.. we just had the nod from PADI that we can say we have their full support for the project.. PADI Website

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Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority grant moves to next stage..

At a meeting with the Southern Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (IFCA) at their, Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), it was decided to approve the advancement of the W2R application for £19,500.00 to purchase 12,000 juvenile lobsters from the National Lobster Hatchery to seed our purpose built reef.

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Wreck to Reef Update, January 2013

This information was reported by BBC news from an interview we gave late last year. While we are now actively seeking media coverage, we are learning fast that sometimes the media can unintentionally mix up some of those facts and figures. The figure actually given was £20,000:00 and over a three year period, not one […]

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W2R Update December 2012

W2R Update December 2012 The first artificial reef is now on the seabed and maturing nicely in readiness to stock with Juvenile lobsters! Yes, after 3 years spent acquiring all necessary permissions to develop Britain’s first artificial reef sanctuary, the first of four reefs has been laid. Lobster Restocking Reef 1,750 ton of specially graded […]

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Wreck to Reef Update, November 2011

24/11/11 09:32 Three major events have occurred recently. The first is that the moratorium imposed in British waters on artificial reefs since HMS Scylla was scuttled near Plymouth in order to assess whether there is any detrimental effect on the environment has now been lifted by the secretary of State for the Environment. This has […]

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Wreck to Reef Update, August 2011

08/08/11 15:04 The Wreck to Reef FEPA Deposit Licence Application has been submitted to the Marine Management Organisation and has been advertised and sent out for consultation to the various Statutory Authorities. A few minor amendments have been requested which we are currently addressing and we are hopeful that the licence will be in place […]

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